• Sunil Dandwate

    Sunil Dandwate

    Software Engineer

  • Harshapaul Pinto

    Harshapaul Pinto

    Mobile TechArch with 16+ years of exp. Love gizmos, complex techs, upcoming techs, automation. Currently venturing into IoT, Python, node.js, golang and devops.

  • Com'hu'nicate


    Michael - Happiness Entrepreneur, unleashing human potential. #Leadership + #peopleskills. Helping others to succeed in their Zone of Genius.

  • VJ Parmar

    VJ Parmar

  • Luca Daolio

    Luca Daolio

    Digital Project Manager. Appassionato di nuove tecnologie e modelli di business B2B. https://www.lucadaolio.eu

  • Abhishek Tripathi

    Abhishek Tripathi

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